How To Get 100,000 Views /Month on Quora!

This blog post is extremely amazing. I will help you get over 100k views in 1 month working only 2 hours a week.

You can send this traffic to your Website, Landing Pages, and Medium Blog, or simply build presence, audience, and authority online.

Here is a screenshot of my Quora Analytics from the last month:

Image By Author (Qoura Analytics)

Honestly, I was not too active on Quora. I didn’t spend many hours answering questions. I work on Quora a maximum of 2 days a week, 1 hour each day.

How can growing your content benefit you?

In case you don’t know how you can benefit from growing your Quora content views, I will explain this to you.

Can you imagine opening someone’s profile and seeing that he has more than 100K content views each month on his Quora profile? This large number of views can create a sense of trust and credibility among the readers.

Actually, whenever someone reads your answer, he may check your Quora profile to know your background and content view stat.

Thus, if he sees more than 100k content views, there is a big chance that he’s gonna follow you and visit your profile again in the future. He will also trust you enough to click the links in your answers.

Quora Traffic Hack: How to Grow Quora Content View

Now, let’s talk about the secret strategy to grow your Quora content views for more than 100K a month. Here are the four steps I followed to grow my Quora views so fast:

1: Answer Quora’s Recent Questions

First of all, you have to answer the latest questions published on Quora.

The competition is low on the latest questions and your answers have a higher chance to be seen as there won’t be many answers compared to a question with more than 100 answers.

How can you find the latest questions on Quora?

To find the latest questions on Quora, write your topic in the search box, and select the time to past days or past weeks. In this case, you will get the latest questions that people on Quora ask.

2: Answer the Most Popular Questions

This step is very helpful as you have to answer the most popular questions. Such questions have a large number of weekly views.

How to find questions with a high amount of weekly views?

This is tricky and free! To find questions with a high amount of weekly views, go to the Quora ads manager. This free tool on Quora will help you get the needed data:

  • Go to Quora ads manager on your Quora profile.
  • Create a new campaign.
  • Put some info like conversion event, objective, and daily budget.
  • Click continue.
  • Choose “contextual targeting” on the ad set page (this will be your primary targeting).
  • Choose “Questions.”

Here, a targeted question box will appear on your screen. Just click “bulk add.”

You can now search for any question or keyword related to your niche.

Let’s say you want to answer questions about making money online. Write your question/keywords in the question box, and you will get all the related questions with their weekly data as shown in the image below:

Do you see this question: “What’s the easiest way to make money ?“

This question has 3000–3500 weekly views, 11.8K followers, and approximately 100–200 answers.

Honestly, your answer doesn’t have a big chance to rank, but Quora will send all the followers an email notification telling them that there is a new answer to this question.

As the followers of this question are interested in the answers, some of them may come to check your answer.

3: Answering Question with Ratio Answer to Follower 1:7

Now, I will explain to you how. to determine the ratio of the question.

Suppose that a question has 1 answer and 7 followers. The ratio of this question will be 7:1.

A question with a ratio answer to follower 1:21 is great. This would be the ideal question for you to answer.

New questions usually have 1:5–1:10 ratios, but this is good as they are new.

However, questions with a ratio of followers to answers of 1:1 or 1:2 are not good at all, and there is no need to answer them.

4: Share your Answer on Related Quora Space to Hijack Quora Traffic

The last step is to share your answer to Quora Space of the same niche. This step is great as it will boost your Quora content views.

Just share related Quora spaces with a large number of followers. In this case, your answers will be seen by the followers of the Quora space.

Thus, you will get many views for free. Suppose that your answer was accepted on a big Quora space of 100–500k+ followers. This can boost the number of views tremendously.

Eventually, try to choose spaces with a large number of followers as this means that more audiences are going to see your answer.

Unfortunately, some answers may take some time to be accepted by the moderator of the space, but don’t worry. Just answer as many questions as possible.

This method is great as we use the followers of the other’s space to hijack eyeballs to our answers.

5: Build your own space

It is also a good idea to start building your own space and grow your audience, so you can use this audience as free, ready traffic for future plans. Here is my Quora Space.

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