How To Create an Online Business With AI in Just 24 Hours!

Last week, I challenged myself to build a new online business from scratch as fast as possible. Starting by finding the idea, building the website, and setting the full plan.

And I did it! I built a full online business in hours with the help of AI and some free tools.

It is not a blog or an online store. It is a new idea; it is free, And you can do it.

In this post:

  1. How do I get the idea?
  2. How do I build the site?
  3. How will I monetize and scale?

Think about it as a full plan that can be executed fast and for free!

The Idea

Let’s Start with the idea. I wanted to make something that provides real value to people and, at the same time, is easy to build and maintain; I can’t work more than 2 hours a week on this project.

Also, I don’t want to create content and write articles.

And what is more important, AI can’t replicate easily. I wanted to build something that is based on real Data!

Did you read my post about How ChatGPT and AI are destroying businesses? I mentioned my polygon formula on how to deal with AI and protect your skills and your business, and one of the main factors is Data; this is why I wanted to build something that relies on real Data.

I wanted to create a website that people visit daily and benefit from.

So I did some research and thought about a database of something! Data that people can use daily. And since I work in the digital marketing niche, I thought about something related to marketing.

Finally, after 2 days, I came up with an idea, a database of email subject lines that anyone can use to get subject line ideas for their email campaigns that allow them to increase open rates and help them send better email marketing campaigns.

So I built

A simple website that shows tested subject lines with some information.

How do I build this site With AI?

I chatted with ChatGPT for a couple of hours until I finally got the code for both the front and back end.

It is that simple. I just got the code and pasted it into Visual Studio code, tested the website, and then published it.

I used ASP.NET Core API and a simple lite DB database for the Backend.

And for the front end, it is plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The website is very simple in terms of design and code. Any newbie can understand the code and even update it.

How did I add the floating sharing buttons?

I used Addthis. It is a free tool that allows you to do this 100% Free.

How did I add the Ad?

Here, I am using an Ad server service called AdserverOnline; no need to use this.

You can add an image or a link or embed any ad you want, but in my case, I want to use an Ad server to track and manage my ads and maybe sell Ad spaces.

How will I monetize and scale?

Honestly, I haven’t decided yet how I will monetize the website, but I have three ideas in mind:

  1. Add a premium membership, so members can access the full database or get more daily records.
  2. Sell the Ad space directly or using services like BuysellAds.
  3. Add my affiliate links to promote email marketing services and tools.

Or maybe combine all this

My main goal now is to get people to know about his site and reach at least 10K visitors per month. Then I will decide how to monetize 🙂

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